The Great Debate


October 4, 2012 by lauralesterfournier

Between 50 and 60 million people tuned in to watch last night’s debate.  The American people finally had an opportunity to see just how grounded, balanced, and articulate Mitt Romney is.  He presented his facts calmly and clearly; he was stately and confident.  Mitt’s demeanor was Presidential in fact, to the stark contrast of a clearly nervous and at times visibly angry President Obama.  I will make no secret of the fact that I support Mitt Romney for President of the United States.  We are in desperate need of a leader who not only strives to be a spiritual being, but also understands what it is to be an American.  I long to have confidence that the leader of our country will uphold the Constitution.  I want to know that the person in charge of carrying forth the duties of the highest office in our land will be solid and capable of representing its people in their entirety.  I have quite frankly heard enough class warfare diatribe to last me a lifetime.  The American Dream is available to all Americans…, white, Hispanic, Native American, Chinese, etc etc etc.  If you do not have what you want in your life, its time for you to create a plan for yourself.  The palpable hatred toward the fiscal success of Mitt Romney and any other American who has made a secure financial livelihood for themselves is simply Un-American.  We must take it upon ourselves to care for ourselves and our families financially and spiritually.  It is the governments job to protect American soil and to care for those who cannot care for themselves.  It is our job to elect the best person to represent our American values…..I’ve found my guy.  Wishing you a beautiful day and may God Bless and guide you. 


3 thoughts on “The Great Debate

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  2. here here! very well said.

  3. Dr. JohnBarrick says:


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