Straight Talk On Abortion Rights And Contraception


October 22, 2012 by lauralesterfournier

As politicians try to spin women’s rights in one direction or another, we are hearing a great deal about abortion and contraception in the news.  I’m frankly insulted to have the spotlight so lazer focused on my vagina and you should be too.  Ladies……it’s time to take back our dignity and self-respect.  The question we need to ask ourselves at this point is “Who are we?” and “What will be our legacy?” More than 3,100 abortions happen each day in the United States, that’s more than 1.21 million every year.  Of these abortions, the largest demographic are young women between the ages of 20-24 and pregnant inside of the first 9 weeks of life; 37% of women have had a previous abortion or birth; 36% are white, 30% are black, and 25% are Hispanic.  According to an Alan Guttmacher Institute survey, nearly 1/2 of all women who sought an abortion said they had used no birth control during the month they had conceived.  Only 5% of abortions are performed for the mother-to-be’s physical or psychological welfare.  Pregnancies that stem from rape or incest account for only 1% of all abortions and 82% of all women who seek abortion are unmarried.  These statistics beg the question, is abortion an appropriate form of birth control?

It’s long past time for us to take a deep look at our sexuality and how we use it.  Conceiving life should not be an “oops” moment to the tune of 1.21 million abortions per year.  Aren’t we smarter than this?  Are we not in more control of our personal faculties than this?  Even if the government decides to stop taking taxpayer dollars to fund Plan Parenthood, the option to have an abortion will certainly still exist….you’ll just need to pony-up the cash yourself.  The average cost of an abortion in the first-trimester is $350-$550.00. Perhaps young women should take a closer look at their own financial responsibility for the free will choice of being sexually active.

Now on to contraceptives!  Let’s try to remove some more myths here – a package of Lifestyles Pleasure Collection Condoms costs $8.99 for a 30-pack; I’m sure a savvy shopper could find any number of deals in these modern day gems, perhaps one might even land a coupon!  Birth Control Pills run approximately $15.-$50.00 per month.  If you do not have insurance you will need to pay for your examination prior to getting your birth control pill prescription, and this will run you anywhere from $35.-$250.00.  Again, there is a cost for being sexually active; the cost is physical, emotional, and yes…  It is every woman’s personal responsibility to take care of these details herself.  It is not the government’s responsibility to fund your sex life.

When are we going to start honoring our bodies, our Spirits, and the Sacred gift of life?  When are we going to exercise restraint and think about the consequences of our actions?  It’s plain and simple, this is about Mindfulness.  To young women I say this; give some thought to who you are and wait until you are In Love to Make Love.  Plan on how you are going to prevent an unwanted pregnancy BEFORE becoming sexually active.  Do all this and yet still, there is something you should know about being sexually active…….even if you use birth control……you may still become pregnant.  Before you become sexually active, ask yourself if you are ready to be a Mother?  An abortion is something you can’t take back; it is a permanent scar on your heart, mind, and body.  Mothers need to speak with their daughters early-on about their views on sexuality.  Women must start talking more openly about who we are we and who we want to be.  1.21 million abortions a year is tragic on so many levels; emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Is this really what we want to perpetuate?  It’s time to represent ourselves with dignity.  It’s time to carry ourselves with respect.  It’s time to honor the fact that we as women “give life” and we should be outraged as women by the amount of abortions for convenience that are carried out each year.

If you cannot afford a baby or birth control, then you cannot afford to be sexually active.  Your hormones may be strong…..But your common sense needs to be stronger.  Women need to stop hiding behind a “right to choose” and instead start making the right choices.  Be the person your unborn children will be proud of, only you can do this.


6 thoughts on “Straight Talk On Abortion Rights And Contraception

  1. Eva C. says:

    I hear what you’re saying Laura, and appreciate your sense of self and your perspective of morality. However here in the US it must remain the right of the *individual* to decide about whether abortion is within their own moral parameters, just like we all decide if premarital sex and divorce are (both of which are also Biblically directed, yet not forbidden by national laws).

    As for birth control, it certainly is the responsibility of each sexually-active woman AND MAN to attend. But how can we, as a society, allow things like breast augmentation and viagra to be paid for by insurance, yet not birth control?! Yes, there are costs associated with being sexually active, and each individual must learn what they are within the context of their own culture, religion and sense of self (here in the US, at least). Conservatives don’t want sex ed taught in school, don’t want organizations like Planned Parenthood to remain (an organization I personally have utilized since I reached puberty–because they make gynecological exams financially possible for those of us who cannot get insurance!), and don’t want to subsidize (or allow insurance to cover) birth control. How do you think you’ll like the cost of supporting the millions more unwanted people created by those limitations?! You could outlaw sex without a spouce and contraception, but then we’d all be paying for new prisons to hold a few million lawbreakers….

    I appreciate your call to women to hold themselves to a higher moral code and hope that many will answer. However the cost of banking on that is financially exorbitant and should not be ignored.

    • Thanks for your comments Eva. If you review my piece, you’ll see very clearly that the point of it is to encourage women to make better choices with their bodies. I say “women” because at the end of the day……we make the choice to either give life or take life. Every insurance I have had since I was 18 and began paying for insurance myself, has prescribed birth control pills. I encourage you and every other women I come into contact with to rise above financial circumstances and manifest medical insurance, it is an imperative and responsible step toward independence. The cost of American people not taking responsibility for themselves gets more serious each day on all fronts. This issue is about women making choices that do not lead to killing 1.21 lives each year. It would be better for women not to get pregnant in the first place if they are not ready to be a mother, on this I’m sure we agree. However, if they do….taking full responsibility for their actions in a mindful manner; which in my opinion would include honoring the life they are carrying… the honorable, spiritual, and loving way to go. I believe it is inappropriate for taxpayers to be forced to support Plan Parenthood which performed 329,445 abortions in 2010 – that’s a whole lot of “oops.” I’m all for women having a right to exercise their own choices, but I’m not in favor of having to pay for those “choices.” It’s all about individual responsibility. Make your bed? Lay in it.

  2. Jim McDonald says:

    Hi Laura, a very informative article. Thank you.
    One area you did not discuss are the privacy issues regarding abortion and contraception. For one I do not think it right to have an abortion and I am conflicted when discussing rape and incest. I believe that God has asked me to do certain things and has asked me to not do other things. I also believe God gave me free will to do as I want and then (I’ve learned that I will possibly) face God later. That is what I believe. Personally. But to legislate this?
    Is it the government’s job to legislate according to religious beliefs? And just which version do they legislate to? Do we accept a law based on Christian values, Judaic Law, the teachings of Buddah? Some say Christian and I ask, “Which version?” Legislating religious beliefs is dangerous in my opinion.
    I believe that at some point I will meet God and will account for my life. I really don’t know what that looks like and I don’t know what heaven and hell are about no matter how many pictures and movies about both I’ve seen. And so I use my free will and make decisions knowing this, believing this. Those choosing abortion, no matter how I disagree with them may also have to account for their decisions. But if they believe they control their bodies, and the life within them is not a viable life (cannot live outside of the “host”) I guess that’s their call. I’m not being callous though I might sound like it.
    I guess the only viable option, if the US outlaws abortion, is to imprison women once they’re pregnant. I suggest that because rich women will be able to go across the border to Mexico or Canada and have an abortion with little regard for the rules at home. We must control those fetuses. And poor women will resort to barbaric means, and that cannot be tolerated. Do you see a better option?
    Also, there are many reasons for using birth control (whether it’s condoms or pills) other than preventing pregnancy. I’m sure you know this. I know women who need birth control pills and they are not sexually active, yet they cannot afford birth control pills (as you point out are “anywhere from $35.-$250.00”). Should we deny them those necessary medications because they can’t afford “anywhere from $35.-$250.00?”
    Condoms and STDs are closely related in that condoms help stop the spread of communicable diseases. But I’m sure condoms need not be part of this discussion since, as you point out, they are pretty inexpensive.
    What decisions did you make today that might be in conflict with some religion? Probably none. Or considering how many different religions are practiced in our country maybe one or two. I’m not sure what I’ve done today that is wrong. But I’m lucky I’m not a woman in this one way: I don’t have to decide at any point to have an abortion. But if I skip off to the pharmacy and purchase something birth-control-related, well…I guess that’s between me and God.

    • Thanks Jim, I appreciate your comments. I honestly don’t think that abortions will ever be outlawed. I feel strongly though that the government does not belong in supporting clinics that perform abortions….in this way….taxpayers are forced to take a side and that “side” is in “support of” by way of an exchange of taxpayer dollars. I think that if the 1.21 million women who have abortions each year still wanted to do that, they’d find the money without taxpayer dollars. Funny what we manifest when motivated. I also think that good old fashioned capitalism would kick-in and more clinics would open up, and provide financial options for those in lower income brackets. I would pray however that more of these women do not get pregnant in the first place, or consider adoption, if they cannot care for their child. There are many people and places who want to be of service to young women who find themselves in this delicate situation. It’s all about living with more conscious awareness of the law of cause and effect.

      • Jim….I wanted to also reiterate the cost of birth control pills as stated in my piece being between $15.-$50.00 per month on the average. You had quoted me with a higher price, I think you were looking at the cost for an abortion rather than birth control pills. Thank you.

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