January 11, 2013 by lauralesterfournier

What can we do to fix the issue of violence in our culture?  Clearly, the heinous crimes of late are causing us once again to pause and take stock.  What is the answer?  Should we take guns away from the 80 million Americans who own guns?  If you think the answer is taking guns away, or some “kinds” of guns away, think again.  Criminals will always find ways to kill people.  Sorry……this truth scares people.  People have been killing people since the beginning of time.  People kill people.  People kill people with guns, knives, bombs, airplanes, cars, stones, poison, and even pillows.  People who want to kill will find the right weapon regardless of whether or not it is “legal.”  Criminals do not care about the law and that is why there are called Criminals – they perpetuate Crimes.

I thank God I live in a country with something called The Constitution, (and in particular the Second Amendment) this gives me the right to protect my family and home to the best of my ability.  I am a gun owner.  I have never killed anyone with my gun, I haven’t even killed with a pillow!  I do not plan on ever killing anyone.  Having said that, I would not hesitate to kill if my family or friends were at risk of being killed by an intruder, or a crazy person shooting people at a mall; you’d be happy to have me there to protect you – wouldn’t you?  God does not want innocent people victimized by those who are running with the devil.  Evil exists, it’s a sad fact.  Taking guns away will NOT stop violent crimes.  Taking guns away will not stop a madman from breaking into an elementary school again and killing innocent children.  The only thing that has ever stopped a murder from being committed is to meet that person on their “playing field.”  In the unlikely event that a violent, mentally ill person would break into my child’s school…..I pray that someone would be “packing” and take that person down before anyone was hurt or killed.  This is common sense and we should all be insisting on providing certain protection for our children.

Be careful of those politicians who are “taking care of things” for your own good my friends.  Political parties always have an agenda, whether on the left or right; and they wait for the perfect opportunity to bring their “agenda” to fruition.  Let’s reflect for a moment on what happened in Nazi Germany.  The Nazi’s took away the right of their citizens to protect themselves.  Why?  Well, it’s far easier to throw an entire population of people into gas chambers when they have no way to defend themselves.  Five years before the rise of Hitler, Germany’s freely elected government enacted something called “The Law on Firearms and Ammunition.”  This required all gun owning citizens to identify themselves to the government…… convenient!  This “law” was privately passed by the government, much like what we refer to as an “executive order” by our president.  A few years later, they confescated firearms thereby disarming the law abiding population, and then they killed them.  Do you actually think this could never happen again?  Tell that to the 12,000,000 people murdered by the Nazis.  History has a way of repeating itself.  Study history.  The fact that I own a gun protects you.  The fact that 80 million Americans are gun owners is a serious deterrent, not only toward potential violence in your home, but also from the threat of foreign attack.  The fact that Americans have the right to own guns sets us apart from other countries. The list of countries that have been over-taken by tyrannical dictators, who have perpetrated complete holocausts over their population is long.  If you think that these things could not happen in the USA, you are wrong.  Study history.  Be mindful of those you vote into office.  Watch their intent.  Protect our Constitution, it is Divinely inspired.  Never in the history of humankind has there been a country that has thrived on so many levels for so long, the way our country has.

How do we prevent children from being caught in the crossfire?  The truth is that only a gun will protect your child from a crazy person wielding a gun AT your child.  The REAL issue here is mental illness, and not a simple “blue period” but true psychosis, (let’s not start a witch hunt for everyone who has ever taken a Prozac).  The REAL issue here is an abhorrent absence of Spirituality.  The REAL issue here is that we are not taking care of one another from birth, and raising a society of people who are walking in the light, and aware of their own Divinity.  We must become better at identifying those who are in need of assistance emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

The government cannot fix this problem.  The only people who can prevent these acts of violence are you and me; we do this in the way we treat one another each day, in the way we account for one another, in the way we listen to one another – we do this by being better human beings, and by being free and vigilant citizens.  What are we “feeding” our children?  What manner of violence do we allow and encourage their little minds to feed on.  The images that we expose them to on the television, at the movie theatre, and with computer games that glorify violence is incredibly toxic.  If you have a propensity to blur right from wrong, these images can often make the difference in whether or not you feel invited or entitled to perpetuate violence.  I don’t want the government banning tv shows, movies, or computer games……I want parents making better choices for their children.

There are no guarantees in life.  There are risks that come with being human.  We make choices and we have choices.  Question whether or not the things you are supporting protect human rights, or take them away leaving those you love vulnerable.  People have been killing people since the beginning of time.  The only true answer here to reduce the amount of casualties, is to teach peace, compassion, and respect for life.

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”  Thomas Jefferson


4 thoughts on “Guns

  1. John Barrick says:

    Great insight!

  2. Chris Reagan says:

    Very thoughtful. Peace, Chris

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